Monday, March 26, 2007

Post-Beth Moore thoughts

It always seems to take a couple of days to process one of these big religious events list the Beth Moore conference over the weekend. In general, I was impressed. She was very funny and obviously engaging since she kept people's attention for an hour and a half. And she spoke so fast, my fingers hurt from trying to keep up with her.

It was definitely a preaching to the choir kind of event, meant to inform and challenge those who already have a belief in Christianity. I think it would have been a bit too much for the non-believer, but I wasn't there for the altar call on Saturday, so maybe I'm wrong....

Here's a few more thoughts from Moore's Friday night teaching that I did not get to include in the story:

"You do not have the one compelling set of chains that Jesus cannot release you from."

"If we would change the way we think, it would change the way we feel."

"God will speak to you when you’re putting on your mascara."

"We keep our fear that God is not going to be faithful to us tomorrow, so we are unfaithful today. We are thinking that God has carried us this far, and we are not sure he’s going to help us tomorrow."

I did not go on Saturday, but I would love to hear any of your thoughts about the weekend.
Photo: from Friday's event. Val Horvath/The Times


jessica ward said...

It is difficult to really have an accurate picture of Beth Moore and her message this weekend if you were only in attendance Friday night. That was just one session out of three and Beth Moore has a beautiful way of tying it all together. I do not think that it was too much for a non believer...because it was not about Beth Moore. She was not trying to preach to the choir. She will be the first person to say that she was asking God to meet everyone where they were. She has had a team praying about this Bossier City weekend for months and with every event, she asks for God to be seen, not her. I wish that you could have experienced Saturday. The altar call was amazing and she did say that 25 committed their life to Christ. That is amazing, considering the rejoicing in heaven when one commits their life to Christ!

Diane Haag said...

Don't get me wrong - she had a powerful message and presented it very well. I'm glad Saturday was just as good!