Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Need to simplify

As I got ready to got for a run on Sunday, I almost laughed at myself. I grabbed a water bottle and ID, strapped on my iPod, and fastened my GPS watch (which tells me the time, distance and rate of my run - and even draws a map!). Does it really take all that stuff to run 4 miles (or, according to the watch, 4.19 miles)?

No. Of course not. It struck me as funny, because part of the reason I started running was the simplicity of it. All it requires is shoes and a relatively traffic-free surface. But like much of society, I've bought into the idea that technology can cure all sorts of things. Again, not true. I still run about a 10 minute mile.

Does all this stuff also interfere with our spiritual lives? Have we cluttered prayer and study with the latest books and flashy presentations and forgotten the joy of silence and just reading a passage of scripture until finding a verse that speaks to you? Any thoughts?

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