Monday, March 05, 2007

Belated Purim blog

In the end of the week rush to get wrap up some stories, I completely forgot to wish all of the Jewish readers a festive Purim.

The holiday was celebrated Saturday evening to Sunday in honor of Queen Esther, a fifth century B.C. Jewish girl who became queen of Persia, partly by hiding the fact that she was a Jew. While queen, her husband's second in command, Haman, issued an edict that all of the Jews in the kingdom should be killed. At great risk to herself, Esther revealed her heritage to the king and asked that her people be spared. He agreed and ordered that Haman be hung.

It's a great story of courage and faith, and most interestingly, the Biblical account never mentions God.

A movie verson of the story, One Night with the King was released last year, which in some ways actually toned down the Biblical version. But it certianly captures the essence of the story and Esther's faith and devotion to her people.
Photo: from One Night with the King

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