Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Purple bracelets, day 3!

Yes, I have been wearing the bracelet for nearly a week, and I've finally made it to Day 3 (and even that is with some creative rationalizing on my part).

This no complaining thing is difficult, especially when people around you are complaining. I've had to really be careful to bite my tongue or find the silver lining. Other times, I just end up chiming in and switching my bracelet.

Now, we'll see if I can get to Day 4...


Madd Chatter said...

Are you complaining about not being allowed to complain? How long before posting this did you have to try and convince yourself that it wasn't complaining, it was merely informing your audience?


Diane Haag said...

No, I am not complaining about not being allowed to complain. ;-) One of my first rules was honest evaluation is OK - I'm not going to lie if I have something relevant to say that might be negative. But I'm not going to whine or dwell on it. I realized when writing the story that everyone has their own definitition of complaints, and that's mine.