Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunday best?

It's hot outside, and that often brings about short skirts and plunging tops even in church. One local pastor mentioned clothing in his bulletin this week (I'll leave out the name because I'm sure he's not the only one with this concern).

He handled it very well. This is one of those sticky issues - do you want to risk offending people or is it more important to set some sort of expectation? He made it clear that he doesn't really care how formal or informal people dress for church, and if a "lost" person comes to visit, he figures they may not know better. But for believers, he says there is a line:

"When dresses are too high or blouses too low, I believe our Lord is dishonored... When there is writing or drawings on our clothing that advertise or in some manner endorse anything that displeases our Lord, I believe he is dishonored."

He just asked folks to think about what they wear, and ask if they think God would approve.

So what do you think? Should the issue of dress be discussed by pastors? And in our informal culture, what is the line?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely think the issue of dress should be addressed by the church. I've been sad and embarrassed for some young (and mature) people when I see them in church. They show little respect for the sacredness of their body and even less for receiving the Eucharist. And I can't believe some parents escort their CHILDREN to church dressed the way they do sometimes. They are children...yes... you CAN control how they are dressed! More importantly you can help them recognize their honor and human dignity and encourage them to not want to dress inappropriately. Of course there should be no importance placed on the brand/style etc. of clothing...Just the basics...(within one's resources) ... CLEAN , NEAT AND RESPECTFUL. One shouldn't shy away from "offending" someone by requesting they wear respectful dress to church. It is offensive to their dignity not to. Mass is a CELEBRATION...but it is not a (nightclub) party.

Tom said...

I agree with the pastor. Modesty and respectful language are important in dress. I am not as concerned about dressing up, but that is nice too.

Burney_B. said...

I found the subject of this entry intresting.It is understood in any church that new comers don't know, but that regulars should. do the regulars know Biblical teaching? That falls on pastors, elders and Sunday school teachers. Hebrews 13:17 says we are to submit ourselves to Godly instruction. There are modesty scriptures that inform us, men and women, to wear modest apparel in shamefacedness and sobriety. Christians are called out away from the world. When people see us they should see differnce, not conformity with the world.As in 1 john 2:16, we are to avoid the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
Enough for the sheep. It seems popular today for the pastors to give a fluff sermon and the collection plates stay full and the building funds grow. As Christians, we are to aspire to be Christ-like. He was perfect, God on Earth. We can't do it. Jesus gave us the way through his sacrifice, not ours or a pastor's.Pastors, you may wish to go and reread the parts about you managing Christ's flocks presently on earth. Jesus preached HELL more than anyone else. He told his disciples to reach those they could and KEEP MOVING, REACHING THOSE YOU CAN!You won't reach everyone. God told Elijah in 1 Kings19:14-18 that He had others working for him and the majority of pastors I've seen and heard these days ain't Elijah. Pastors, please get back in the word and on your knees and preach the message Jesus gave the disciples. The nightly news casts and web pages could come literally from Daniel The Gospels and Revelation. Christian backs in this society have been against the wall for some time. A Christians daily walk is a constant struggle of the flesh against God's spirit which comes into us when we repent and are Baptized in Jesus name. Acts 2:38. Pastors, lay it on the line and get into the truth. Your regulars should feel something when you preach God's truth from the pulpit he gave you. Pastors and teachers will answer differently from "pew sitters".

Kathryn Usher said...

When God (or El Shaddai, the large breasted one) created us, She made us naked. She doesn't care what we wear as long as we love Her.

However, I do think She is very mad at people who make their employees wear polyester dark clothing in all this heat. I can think of two examples... the poor carry out folks at Brookshires and the Shreveport police officers.

This is the South. It is hot. Everyone should wear light colored cool cotton attire. Then we wouldn't be so dependent on air conditioning and hog all of God's resources. That's what would please Mother God.

Diane Haag said...


I heartily agree with you on the polyester. lol. God created natural things for a reason.