Friday, August 17, 2007

Time to fire up those hurricane prayers

According to the 1 p.m. forecast, Dean looks like its getting stronger. We're not in the "cone" right now, but he's got a long way to go and anything could happen. I figure we're better off praying it just miraculously dwindles on its own instead of praying it hits someone else...

Here's one of the prayers I found earlier in the season:

Father, all the elements of nature obey your command. Calm the storms and hurricanes that threaten us and turn our fear of your power into praise of your goodness. Amen.


MS said...

This is a totally honest and relevant question.

What do the Pagans do when others are "firing up those hurricane prayers"? Do they pray? If so, to whom do they pray?

Diane Haag said...


I appreciate the questions. Pagan's certainly pray. While, "pagan" is a broad term, most belief that the divine lives in all things, themselves included and that is what they address when they pray. If you want a few more details on Pagan/Wiccan theology, try this link:

Here's an example of one prayer for comfort that I found at Beliefnet:

"With your soothing fingers,
wipe away the lines that worries have etched on our faces.
Surround us with calm,
let us rest in the glow of peace,
as if we were encircled with the Moon's own light.
Let our concerns and tensions drain away from us,
pouring as water into your Earth."