Monday, August 06, 2007

Take that Goliath!

Christian toy company One2Believe is releasing a series of Bible hero toys that will be carried by Wal-Marts around the country (including the one on Airline Drive in Bossier and on Bert Kouns in Shreveport).

The toys range from talking dolls that tell their own stories, small figurine sets like David and Goliath, and bigger action figure dolls "that boys will love to play with." The press release touts them as a way to teach children their faith and hopefully turn them into faithful teenagers.

They look pretty cool. I admit I wonder if its a bit too familiar. But I suppose I'd rather have my kids playing with Samson and Esther than figurines instead of some of those terrible things that pass for cartoons these days.

I can almost guarantee I'll see some of them on the auction block at the upcoming Religion Newswriters Association conference next month. We're always looking for quirky religion based items for the silent auction.


Anonymous said...

The thought balloon lights up with the words "False Idols" inside. These toys are of the devil himself, used to distract Christian children from envisioning the Lord and instead to worship, if you will, plastic images of Biblical characters.

JEsus said...

These toys are of Satan himself. Thou shalt have no false idols before me.

Diane Haag said...

Idol seems a bit strong. These toys aren't made to be worshipped, just to make Scripture more real to young believers.

I guess the market will determine their fate.

Burney_B. said...

An intresting learning tool. Once did a Sunday school lesson on Gideon. I took the kids outside, put them in thier battle field locations and taught from the scriptures. They were 9 & 10, now as teen ages they still remember vividly. A toy will never replace a good teacher. We need more of those.