Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Interfaith exploration

I should warn y'all that my next few months of blogs could be filled with lots of "Did you know?" trivia. For my masters program, I'm taking Church History, and just because I've always been curious I'm enrolled in a six-week Hebrew class at B'nai Zion Congregation. Both are full of lots of interesting tidbits.

The Hebrew class is an introductory course that teaches the language by using the first chapter of the book of Genesis and the Ten Commandments. Regardless of the material, the make up of the group is interesting itself. For our first class, instructor Dr. Jana De Benedetti (also the spiritual leader of B'nai Zion), surveyed the room and declared that she was the only Jew in the room -- no one contradicted her. As well, most of the group are lay people.

Pretty cool. Good for Shreveport that we're willing to cross those religious lines and learn from each other. And good for the faithful who want to embrace the original language of their holy text and make it their own.

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Mazel tov!