Thursday, January 11, 2007

Faith with risks

In my story today about Michael Harrelson, I described just one of the risks he has taken in his spiritual journey. He and his wife are also one of the only white members of Steeplechase Baptist Church, an active church in West Shreveport.

They were afraid at first that the members wouldn't welcome them, but they felt such a kinship with the pastor, the Rev. Greg Kirby, that they knew God wanted them there. Rev. Kirby put it well.

"They are very genuine in their Christian faith, and they are not hindered by many of the barriers that so many confessing Christians seemed to be hindered by. Even the simple fact that they are members of our church. There are many anglo churches that would have welcomed them. For them to be at our church, suggests that they are not hung up on many of the traditions or norms (of society)."

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