Monday, January 29, 2007

Battlefield of faith

Today's story about a family Bible is one of the best stories about practical, real faith I've heard in a while (I only hope I did it justice). Three generations of men have taken this Bible to battle. Three of the four men I talked to were all very honest is saying they weren't terribly religious when they left for war.

Sr. Airman Jermey Vickers of Haughton took it most recently to Iraq. I asked him about his religious background and he got a little embarrassed.

He was raised in church, but like many people, he slipped out of the habit when he left home. He joined the Marines, which "was not built around religion." When his turn to go to war approached he said he thought about going back to church but didn't.

"I guess I was too ashamed to go back," he said. "Just because I didn't go (to church) didn't mean I didn't believe."

What he saw in Iraq changed his mind and he and his family have since joined First Baptist Church of Haughton. He admits he still struggles on Sundays, but it would be hard to question his faith.

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