Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First impressions

So far the news is good for Bishop-elect Michael Duca, as he marks the halfway point in his whirlwind, introductory tour of the diocese.

The Catholic Center was all smiles and twitters this morning as people through around words and phrases like affable, easy going, extroverted, perfect match and mission minded to describe the new bishop of Shreveport. Duca first appeared at a press conference and seemed very comfortable behind the microphone and willing to answer questions.

It could just be he was thrilled to finally admit the news. The papal nuncio called him two and a half weeks ago, and he was sworn to secrecy.

He also looked a little overwhelmed, like he was still trying to figure out exactly what he does next, but that's understandable. From what he said, he's clearly a man who believes God will lead him as he goes.

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