Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama, Huckabee and Evangelicals, oh my!

If the faith and politics stew was simmering before, it has come to a full boil with Mike Huckabee's triumph in the Iowa caucuses last night.

Evangelical Christmas apparently made up 60 percent of Republican caucus goers, and nearly 80 percent of Huckabee's supporters. It makes sense - he's a former Baptist minister.

On the other side, Obama is a Christian with a more liberal theology. Faith came up some, but seemed to play no real role in his victory in Iowa.

So what do you see for the future? In 2004, pundits (particularly those in the Northeast major media markets) were blown away by the "values voters." Will faith continue to play a large role in the mind of voters? Or are we in the media making more out of this than is really there?


BrianC said...

Huckabee would make a good Democratic President. Socially, he's very conservative. But he does not have a record of being a classic conservative. He's more of a populist than anything... In the end, I fear this will sink him. Everyone of these candidates keeps talking about change, but I haven't yet heard exactly what this change will be.

Anonymous said...

I really like Huckabee and McCain. I as an independent would like to see some changes made in Washington. Someone like Huckabee could be that Catalyst for change. He is the most positive person on the campaign trail and did a good job running Arkansas as govenor. I have all the respect in the world for McCain. I expect the other candidates will try to tear him up if he continues to look like a viable candidate. In reality South Carolina will probably be pretty rough. If I Remember correctly that was the beginning of the end of the campaign for McCain.