Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holy snacks?

If snacks are religious-themed, do they count against your New Year's Resolution?

Maggie Martin passed on a little blurb from Rachael Ray's magazine about faith-based treats. I've seen the little mints with scripture verses, but this takes the concept to a new level.

My favorites were Holy Chocolate Hot Chocolate, created by the Rev. Stan Smith, an Eastern-Syrian Orthodox priest in California. The money from the company now supports Smith, so he does not have to take a salary from his church. The website claims that the all natural ingredients combine to form "Heaven on Earth."

And for the kosher foodies out there, there's Thou Shall Snack. The founder loved her grandmother's kosher cooking and sought to create her own snack versions of the treats. She came up with latke crisps, based on the Hanukkah tradition, and a few other goodies. Five percent of the proceeds are donated to charity.

I have not tried either, so I certainly can't vouch for them. I'm not sure whether this exploiting faith or just expressing it in a new way, but it's certainly an interesting idea. What do you think?

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