Thursday, June 07, 2007

Restoring the whole person

Doctors are sometimes accused of just treating the physical, while ministers sometimes skew to the spiritual aspects of people.

The David Raines Community Health Center is trying to bring the two sides together. At a lunch today, local ministers heard about the numerous health services provided at the clinic in the MLK neighborhood. The presentation emphasized quality care that is open to anyone whether they have insurance or not. Those without insurance pay based on their income.

About a dozen ministers attended, and the staff from the clinic hoped they would spread the word to their parishioners.

"Churches are still the backbone of the community and you can help us," CEO Willie White said. "So many people don't have health care. They just wait and wait until they end up in the emergency room, where it costs us all."

The Rev. Robert Walton of St. Rest Baptist Church spoke to the group and encouraged them to make health a part of their church's ministries. He reminded them of Bible passages that talk about the value of good health and even good teeth.

I'm always encouraged to see churches stepping outside of their four walls. Maybe something creative can come out of this for churches whether its regular health screenings or a commitment to healthier fellowship dinners.

It can help the church on a spiritual and physical level.

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