Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For your commute...

Life can't get much more everyday than your commute, and the Vatican has decided that can be a place for faith as well. Yesterday it released the "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road" from the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrant and Itinerant People, which included a sort of 10 Commandments for the road.

At first, it seems kind of odd and a trivial thing for the church to worry about, but especially as Americans, think about how much time we spend in our cars. A quick glance at the police blotter will tell you driving is dangerous and should be approached with caution. Personally, I'm convinced that prayer is the only thing that's kept me alive so far.

I'm delinquent because I couldn't find a link to the actual document but here are the 10 commandments according to the Associated Press:

The Vatican's "Ten Commandments" for drivers:
1: You shall not kill.
2: The road shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm.
3: Courtesy, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with unforeseen events.
4: Be charitable and help your neighbor in need, especially victims of accidents.
5: Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.
6: Charitably convince the young and not-so-young not to drive when they are not in a fitting condition to do so.
7: Support the families of accident victims.
8: Bring guilty motorists and their victims together, at the appropriate time, so they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.
9: On the road, protect the more-vulnerable party.
10: Feel responsible toward others.

Photo: John Andrew Prime/The Times

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