Monday, June 11, 2007

Ministry of encouragement

In hopes of getting out while there was shade and maybe something resembling cool air, I got up earlyish yesterday to go for a run. I headed out to the riverfront trail and was getting into my groove when I crossed paths with a man, who was obviously in better shape than me. He shot me this big grin, clapped his hands like a trainer and said "good job!"

Isn't that nice, I thought. Only a half mile in, I was still feeling good and didn't think too much else of the man. Four miles later, when it was probably 10 degrees warmer, I was on my way back home, trying to stay motivated for the last little bit. Up ahead I saw the same man running toward me, and I was so thankful for his presence. He smiled again and clapped.

"Good job for both of us!"

"You too," was all I could muster.

He might not think of that as ministry, but it was to me. He encouraged me to find strength and to be thankful for this human community God gave us. So whoever you are, thanks and good job!

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