Thursday, June 28, 2007

50 years in the same job

The whole concept seems foreign to me, and probably anyone of my generation. But Ronald Gray, music minister at Broadmoor Christian Church just celebrated that milestone.

He is a charter member of the church, founded in 1956 (when 6005 Youree Drive was no doubt in the middle of the sticks). According to the bio from the church, he fell into the job almost by accident. During the summer of 1957, he began as interim choir director. Shortly thereafter, the organist quit and Gray was promoted to Minister of Music and Choir Director.

He never left.

In another interesting tie to the church, Gray and his wife, Donna, were the first couple married in Broadmoor Christian Church.

When you think about all the changes in worship styles and theory in the last 50 years, it seems especially remarkable that he has remained in the position.

It did not go unnoticed by the regional authorities of the Disciples of Christ. They proclaimed June 16, 2007, as Ronnie Gray Day.

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Anonymous said...

I've worked with Ronnie at different church functions and he is a class act. He's been a keystone of his church for years, but has also embraced change with open arms in the name of worship. I'm glad you picked up on his story. Ronnie is the kind of servant we should all aspire to be.