Thursday, May 17, 2007

Martial arts mixed with God?

Modern spirituality allows God to be combined with all sorts of seemingly ungodly lifestyles: bikers, hip hop, and heavy metal music. In fact, these stories have become a mainstay of my clipfile.

Today's Sports story by Roy Lang took the trend to a new level. He writes about a local youth minister who is also an amateur mixed-martial arts fighter. I don't really know anything about the sport -- although some of my friends from church are fans -- but the subject of the story had a great quote that highlighted the disconnect.

"The Bible says 'love everybody,' said (Joseph) Freid. "It doesn't say you can't beat on them at little."

So what do you think about this trend of mixing God with more secular trends?


joseph freid said...

I beleive that bring God in to "Secular trends" is a good thing. The world has no qualms about taking the things of god and perverting them to fit there own verson of morality. Lets not forget that Jesus ate with prostitutes and tax collecters.
I am very familiar with the sport and have personally been able to whitness to maney young men who may not find there way in to chirch but would go see a fight or train to be a fighter. what I am tring to say is we cant divorce our self from the world if we are to be a light of to world we have to be in the world.

If you were wondering I won my fight.

Diane Haag said...

Joseph, I certainly wasn't criticizing you. This was just a new form of ministry. Good for you for being unashamed to take your faith wherever you go.

And congratulations.