Thursday, May 31, 2007

From storefront to national attention

Anita Palmer, of Many, called me today to brag on her pastor, the Rev. Andre Lewis. He leads a small storefront church, Act on Faith Ministries in the Caddo Heights neighborhood.

But they apparently have an awesome choir, Supreme Voices of Faith. The not-quite 20 member group (the church has about 50 members) recently made a trip to Atlanta to appear on a variety show broadcast on several regional TV stations. They were promoting their new CD "Another Chance." Lewis produced the album, and snippets are available from the record label website. It's got a jazzy, soulful, gospel sound that they compare to Kirk Franklin.

Lewis said his goal for the CD is in the title.

"God is a god of another chance," he said. Too often, he hears from people who are waiting to get their lives together before the come back to church.

"People don't come to church because they don't feel worthy," he said. "God has to be the one to reform us."

He said if you walked into his sanctuary on Sunday, you might smell a little Saturday night alcohol or notice someone with bloodshot eyes.

"These are the people we're supposed to be preaching to," he said.

Palmer had nothing but praise for him, and only a little bit had to do with her recent TV appearance with the choir. She said she has learned so much more about the Bible and God than she had at other churches.

"He taught me that God is always with me," she said.

Although she almost had second thoughts about calling, she said she just wanted to give her pastor a little public acknowledgement for what he's been doing for her and the rest of the church. And I'm always thrilled to hear people excited about their faith and their communities, so here it is. Congratulations to Act on Faith!

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Daphne said...

I applaud Rev. Andre Lewis on his mission for his ministry. If all Christians and clergymen examined themselves and came to the same realization, what a spiritual family we would have. Yes, those who already know Christ need the teachings of our ministers to help us grow, but it is the lost who need our open hearts and arms to welcome them into the Saviors grace.