Thursday, April 19, 2007

Still no answers

God isn't making much sense this week.

The massacre at Virginia Tech left enough loss and unanswered questions. Then, yesterday, sadness hit here in the newsroom when we learned of the death of our friend and co-worker Tim Greening.

People in the community often asked me what it was like to work with Tim. I think they expected me to say he was one of those loud, class clown types. But he wasn't. He was very quiet and understated -- until something struck him as funny. Then he'd make some comment just to the people around him or send an e-mail that would have everyone else laughing instantly.

Frankly, it just wasn't supposed to be this way. I'm of that age, where I'm beyond thinking of myself and people my age as invincible, but they aren't expected to just collapse. And now I'm left with the same questions I had earlier this week. Why?

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