Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy Week for everyone

Sorry about the blog slacking at the end of last week. As a priest I talked to put it, Holy Week is not the hard one, it's the week of preparation before that's tough.

Due to a rare convergence of events, this week will feature a veritable smorgasbord of religious events regardless of your persuasion. Holy Week began yesterday (Palm Sunday) for both Eastern and Western Christians, which marks the days leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection. Passover, the Jewish holiday of liberation from Egypt begins tonight.

This means there are services nearly every day if you're interested. The Eastern Orthodox are having two services a day, most days. Seder meals for the Jewish community will be today and tomorrow (though I think all of those required reservations). Several black churches are having revivals the first part of the week. Other Christian services kick into high gear on Thursday. Churches are getting pretty creative this year. As I typed up the religion bulletins, I saw several featuring living last suppers on Maundy Thursday and a couple of silent breakfasts on Friday.

Whatever your beliefs, may it be a blessed week!

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