Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Childhood memories

The scads of church-sponsored Easter egg hunts this weekend kept me here late last night. Many are being held on Holy Saturday (which, personally, I find enormously liturgically incorrect - but I suppose that's a matter of debate), with kids chasing after the brightly colored balls filled with treats.

I couldn't find any good explanation for the history of Easter Egg Hunts, but I do remember some childhood distress. Not being a terribly competitive person, I was always the kid who only got two eggs when my younger brother would have a basket full. So Mom would say share with your inept sister - or something like that.

Looking back, the whole game is more about real world skills, think fast, act faster and in the end, it's just a plastic egg. Easter is about a lot more than that.

Photo: Times file photo from a hunt last year

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