Monday, April 23, 2007

Celebrating life

From the thrilling to the somber, my weekend revolved around extremes.

Saturday, I and 100,000 other people had our spirits lifted by the power and dedication on display at Barksdale's annual air show. Watching the jets come screaming by and maneuvering in seemingly unnatural ways inspires a sense of awe and pride - in the intelligence of men, in our country and in the commitment of the men and women of the military. In a way, it's a spiritual thing that brings you outside and above yourself and reminds you why its good to be alive.

Sunday, many of us from The Times and the rest of the community said good-bye to our friend and co-worker Tim Greening. The service was poignant and sometimes funny (thanks Teddy) - a combination Tim always manged to handle well in his columns. It was a celebration of his life and the life he brought to the people around him in his 38 years.

Both events reminded me to cherish this time we have here on Earth and the people who share it with us.
Photo: The Thunderbird's performance on Saturday. Val Horvath/The Times

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