Thursday, February 07, 2008

Temporary change in duties

Today starts a bit of a shift for me here at The Times. I'm not going anywhere, but for the next two months my byline and work will be appearing more in the Conversations section of the paper.

A colleague will be on medical leave, so I'll be filling in over there. I'm really excited for the chance to learn some new skills and explore some issues -- religion and otherwise -- in a little more depth.

Religion briefs and bulletins will remain part of my job. But the daily religion news will probably shift to whichever reporter is available. I'm going to do my best to maintain the blog, so that we do keep some religion presence in the paper -- plus I just like doing it.

So please, continue to send me your story ideas ( and we'll do our best to get your news out there. Some of it might even fit in the Conversations section. And like I said, this is just temporary, so I'm sure I'll be haunting your sanctuaries again soon.

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