Thursday, February 07, 2008

A shift for values voters?

I have a feeling this news from the Romney campaign is going to make the faith questions in this year's election even more interesting...

What do you think? Have you even thought about religion/faith/values as you ponder your choices in Saturday's primary?


MS said...

Interesting is the wrong word. Sadly, many voters have based their support on the religiosity of the candidate rather than the candidate's political record.

Not to say that religion is unwelcome, but we're electing a president, not a religious leader.

shanebevel said...

ms... interesting take on it. I agree, but came to a totally different conclusion. Because the Mormon church is SO involved in govt and I am SO against the intermingling of faith and politics (church and state) I would have a really hard time voting for any Mormon. Just as I would have a hard time voting for a evangelical Christian who evoked God when referring to politics. Certainly we strive to have moral leaders, but public religion just doesn't have a place in my national politics.

It's a shame that political leanings have become a litmus test for one's faith, but that is where we stand.