Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Deck the halls or burn the tree?

It's Nov. 7, red and green decorations have already taken over the stores and holiday bazaars are appearing in the paper's religion calendar.

Also appearing are several women's events to help curb the stress that can come with this time of year. I wrote briefs for three different workshops or speakers today. This is the first year I've noticed this much attention being paid to holiday stress by local churches. Are we really that consumed by too much holiday fluff?

Looking at my life (and I don't even have kids) probably so. Work has already blown into full-fledged holiday mode for me. And I know I've already started shopping with gifts in mind, making travel plans, and filling in the calendar with holiday parties. Another couple of weeks of this, and I can see the potential for wanting to burn down the tree.

What do you do to regain some of the fun and spirituality that Christmas is supposed to bring us?


MS said...

In college I attended "Lessons & Carols" and Midnight Mass, and other religious traditions which help keep my eyes on the true reason for Christmas.

shanebevel said...

Interesting thought and not that there is anything wrong with it.... but I think that service and selflessness might be a better way to keep your focus if you are having problems.

Either way... decor and celebration is fine, but if you are going to stress classes to deal with it... you have lost your focus.

Kathryn Usher said...

Being a Unitarian Universalist, I never thought I'd be plugging Broadmoor Baptist Church but you gotta love their awesome Bethlehem at Broadmoor event.

For years I never went because I was afraid they'd try to "save" me in that big white tent but that's where they give you wassail, coffee and home-baked holiday treats. The whole thing is free and fantastic and will put you a stress free holiday mode.

Plus you should buy handmade and not from chain stores if you want to be stress free. My blog has some great ideas from local artists for your gifting needs this year.

Diane Haag said...

I love it Kathryn! Some people are afraid of the outreach, but they have no reason to be. Plus, the whole event is really remarkable.