Monday, February 26, 2007

Recovery reading

Before I wrote a story about Christian romance novels a couple of weeks ago, the whole idea seemed like some sort of oxymoron. But the genre is huge. It targets women who want a good love story but don't want to read a bout a relationship that contradicts their own morality.

Recovering from oral surgery this weekend left me in that state where I felt OK, but I was too tired to do much of anything. So I picked up local author Betsy Ann St. Amant's just published Midnight Angel. How refreshing - a book I could pass on to my mom or even my grandmother and have to enclose some sort of disclaimer. The relationship in the story developed in a natural healthy way, and didn't need any sort of steamy sex scene to indicate the characters attraction.

Prayer and the idea of seeking God's will was a recurring theme. The background f the characters spiritual life was missing and sometimes the language about God seemed a little forced. But their spiritual struggle was real and was resolved by the end.

I'm no literary critic, but it was an enjoyable read. I'm impressed with anyone willing to buck their own industries trend to stand by their beliefs.

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