Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crosses at Christmas?

Now that all your Christmas decorations are up, I'm curious about a trend I've seen recently: crosses in Christmas displays.

Before Thanksgiving, I even received a press release from a company marketing Christmas crosses, all lit up for your holiday displays. But I wonder if the cross is really the appropriate symbol for Christmas.

I understand the push to keep Christ in Christmas - it's a sacred day for Christians and should be treated as such. So many other symbols are woven into the Nativity story such as the creche, or the star or even a Madonna and child. Is the cross the only symbol of Christ? And if we use the cross as a generic symbol for Christ, does it lose its power as a symbol of Christ's death and resurrection?

Any thoughts?

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JesusisThereason said...

Yes, I think the cross is the best symbol for Christmas. People have really forgotten that Christmas is about the Savior of all the world being born and replaced Him with materialism, self-indulgence,theft due to financial desperation, and carrols that glorify a man in a suit who brings presents.Christ is coming back soon and all the presents in the world are not going to give an account for why we weren't Christ-like.